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Leveraging 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial development to help individual and organisations build strong, resilient businesses.


Entreprenacity Business Development Services uses 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurial development space to offer the following bespoke services:

Business Incubator Support

Support to organisations helping startup businesses and entrepreneurs.

Business Coaching

Bespoke business coaching that assists business owners with growth businesses.

Leadership Development

Focusing on leadership skills for both the solo-preneur and the established business.

Development Workshops

These help equip business owners with dynamic tools to achieve sustained growth.


Steve Reid

With nearly 20 years in the entrepreneurial development and business coaching field, Steve Reid holds two degrees and a higher diploma, along with three qualifications in business coaching and advising.

Entreprenacity: The Book

Research and experience has shown that over 70% of the reason a small business fails has to do with the entrepreneur rather than the business model. This book draws on ten years of experience running two business incubators to relate real life stories of people on the journey of entrepreneurship. There are small nuggets that all entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs may draw insight, hope and inspiration from. Each chapter ends with an opportunity to “dig deeper” with 3 questions to unpack the learning further.

From Steve’s Desk

Lessons from first year in own business

I have had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs for nearly 20 years. Many of them were true startups and some of them were scale-ups. I have no doubt that the support, service and “stretching” provided to these entrepreneurs through the business incubators I was involved in, added real life value to the vast majority….

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The need to lead ourselves

Thursday night saw our President deliver the State of the nation address. The address comes amidst many serious challenges that our country faces. From rampant unemployment, stagnant economic growth; unacceptable crime statistics, and severe inequity, the road ahead appears to be a turbulent one.  There are no silver bullets or quick solutions. Many differing expectations…

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Success follows sacrifice

Sacrifice comes before Success……even in the dictionary! My colleague, Abe Oliver, and I were involved in a short training of prospective mentors on Saturday morning. As I observed the introduction and looked around our mini auditorium, I was reminded that these men and women from Rotary International know what it means to sacrifice. After all,…

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