I believe that wherever there is mastery, coaching is occurring and whenever coaching is done, mastery will be the outcome.
Andrea J. Lee
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Business Coaching Drives Enhanced Performance and Stronger Business Results

Business coaching impacts individuals, teams and the organizations they work within. A business coach will leverage their expertise to build on the current state of both the organization and the individuals within it, to enhance performance and leadership potential. It is a role that is, by nature, supportive, disruptive and progressive.

Business coaching engagements can be initiated for many reasons—ultimately, the goal is to remove roadblocks or challenges or to stimulate new insights or pathways so a business, company or organisation can achieve its full potential and sustain or grow its market position.

Focus Areas

Business Incubator Support

Support for organisations who assist startup businesses and entrepreneurs. The services offered to organisations include strategic overview; sustainability; assistance with program development and workshops.

For: existing or new business incubators

Business Coaching

Services for growth businesses. Bespoke coaching offers business owners the opportunity to develop an objective view of their business offering; embed strong business principles in their business and grow in the entrepreneurial mindset.

For: Entrepreneurs with 2+ years in the business

Leadership Development

Leadership development, focusing on leadership skills for the solo-preneur and the established business, helps shift the business from good to great. Learning how to manage complex challenges and navigating business in a VUCA environment is key to the resilient business owner.

For: both established or new, now leading a team

Development Workshops

Tailored workshops, such as Pitching Readiness, The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Building to Last, used to fast track entrants into small business and entrepreneurship. These workshops will help equip business owners with dynamic tools to achieve sustained growth.

For: communities, organisations, churches

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