Vince Moshebe, is a young creative entrepreneur (25) that I met and mentored at the Genesis Incubator under the Sozo Foundation last year. He has invented a portable power station (Tsepo) with many interesting features.

It Integrates a 10 amp solar charge controller, a 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery, and versatile ports for various devices addresses essential energy needs. In addition, they have added capabilities of insect and bug extermination ,enhancing  its utility, catering to both energy provision and pest control. Finally, they incorporate a larger 20.8Ah battery and a 300W inverter, offering increased power capacity and the flexibility to charge larger devices such as laptops and cameras. 

Between 40-60 percent of refurbished and recycled materials are incorporated in all the devices. This sustainable approach is not only to reduce electronic waste but also showcase a responsible approach to resource management.

Vince has displayed exceptional writing skill, and so his story is shared to encourage hope even when you are facing considerable adversity

In the quiet corridors of the Sozo Foundation, where knowledge and dreams intertwined, my journey began as a volunteer. The subjects I delved into were more than mere equations; they were the keys to unlocking possibilities. As a tutor in Maths, Physics, Life Science, and Engineering Graphics & Design, my purpose was to illuminate the minds of those eager to learn.

It was amidst this shared pursuit of knowledge that I crossed paths with Donovan Edwards, a colleague who saw beyond textbooks and into the realm of entrepreneurship. Donovan, having glimpsed a few of my inventions and heard my dreams, encouraged me to step into the world of entrepreneurship. The spark within me, dormant for too long, found a gentle breeze to fan its flames.

Joining the entrepreneurship program opened a door to my past, where childhood friends welcomed me with open arms. They became pillars of support, urging me to transform my ideas from mere concepts to tangible prototypes. It was a reminder that my dreams were not destined to remain mere whispers, but could materialise into impactful innovations.

However, the journey to innovation was not without its shadows. Memories haunted me of a childhood Career Day when, in a lab coat, I declared my aspirations to be an inventor like Leonardo DaVinci. The laughter and mockery from classmates echoed in my ears, attempting to extinguish the flame of ambition within. For a while, I succumbed to the dimming of my aspirations, almost losing hope.

The roots of Mosebe Enterprise burrowed into the soil of adversity, nourished by the fires that had ravaged my community in Vrygrond. In 2020, during the chaos of a global pandemic, my room succumbed to flames, and with it, my belongings and a part of my spirit. The burns on my right hand became a physical emblem of the trauma I endured. This incident catapulted me into a quest to understand the root causes of the fires that had plagued my community, energy poverty.

The revelation became my life’s purpose, to make renewable and sustainable energy sources accessible to all, regardless of financial status or socioeconomic background. The journey through the entrepreneurship program became a tapestry woven with resilience, guided by the insightful lessons facilitated by Steve Reid. His lessons on perseverance and grit in the business world echoed in my ears, shaping my approach to challenges.

Amidst this journey, Stephanie Esau, the project manager, emerged as a guardian angel. Beyond her professional role, she extended invaluable emotional support. Her unwavering encouragement and genuine concern for our wellbeing transcended the typical confines of mentorship. Stephanie made time to check on our mental health, offering a lifeline through calls and texts, ensuring we navigated both the intricacies of business and the turbulence of our own minds.

As the program unfolded, the collective heartbeat of innovation resonated within the Sozo Foundation. The camaraderie, the trials, and the triumphs transformed the once silent corridors into a symphony of dreams realised and futures shaped. In every step, I discovered that the essence of entrepreneurship wasn’t just about business plans; it was about resilience, camaraderie, and the unwavering belief that dreams, when nurtured, could blossom into reality.

The genesis of my entrepreneurial pursuit was a fusion of passion, necessity, and an unyielding desire to make a tangible impact. Within the Hub’s nurturing environment, the seeds of inspiration sown in my mind flourished into tangible business concepts. Mentorship and resources acted as catalysts, propelling the realisation of my entrepreneurial dreams.

The impact of the Hub on my business trajectory has been nothing short of monumental. Essential entrepreneurial skills were honed, and invaluable market insights were acquired, steering my venture toward sustainable growth. The program became a compass, navigating through turbulent business waters, offering solutions and strategies with resilience and determination.

Amidst the myriad lessons, one profound realisation emerged, a shift in the perception of success. It’s not solely measured by financial gains but by the lives impacted and the legacy forged. This paradigm shift has fundamentally altered my approach, instilling purpose-driven leadership and a commitment to ethical practices.

Looking ahead, the insights and skills gleaned from the Hub form the bedrock of my long-term strategy. They serve as a guiding light illuminating the path towards innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. The networking opportunities facilitated by the Hub have been invaluable, expanding my business’s reach and fostering collaborative ventures.

Reflecting on my journey, I offer a piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, embrace the journey wholeheartedly. Within its twists and turns lie opportunities for growth, learning, and transformation. If you choose to embark on this adventure, may you find solace and support in the nurturing embrace at a space like that of the Hub at Sozo Foundation.

It’s not just a space; it’s a crucible of dreams, where passion meets purpose and where the entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured to soar.